Micki Jackson

Micki (Marilyn Jackson, L.Ac.) is a Licensed Acupuncturist, herbalist, and primary care physician in Los Angeles, specializing in integrative women's health.  She studied with leaders in the field at the top acupuncture schools in the country, graduating with honors from Emperor's College in Santa Monica with a Masters of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine.

As part of her training, she completed four years of coursework and more than 1000 clinical hours, including an externship at the Roy and Patricia Family Cancer Center at Providence Hospital working with patients undergoing cancer treatment.

Micki received her Bachelors of Arts from Connecticut College with a focus in Architectural Studies. She had a profound experience with Chinese medicine early in life, which eventually led her to become an acupuncturist.

While the practice of acupuncture and architecture may seem like they couldn't be more different, Micki was inspired by the parallels between the two fields: both involve art and science and rely heavily on balance and form.  

She is licensed to practice in the State of California and treats a myriad of health issues from anxiety and digestion to pain and the common cold, but she is truly passionate about treating and supporting women's health, including fertility, cycle regularity, pregnancy, postpartum, menopause, and aging gracefully, using a combination of acupuncture, herbal prescriptions, nutritional guidance, and lifestyle recommendations.