This rose quartz tool will help improve your circulation and lymphatic drainage by massaging your skin to relieve pain and tension. The rose quartz crystal used for this tool also allows you to receive the vibrations of love which helps to balance the emotions of the mind and body. Gua sha increases blood flow through microcirculation in the soft tissue, stimulates the body’s natural pain-relieving opioid systems, and it may block the pain response pathways so you feel pain relief upon stroking and massaging. The use of rose quartz penetrates a specially healing aspect through its heart stimulating and nourishing properties. 

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Directions: Apply a suitably thick balm, ointment or oil to the skin.Your instrument should be held somewhere between a 30 and a 45-degree angle to the area you wish to treat.Start scraping in one direction – down, away from the head, or laterally away from the spine. Start with gentle scraping for the first few strokes on the face, on the body, begin gentle  then apply a little more pressure as required. Try to keep the pressure consistent, neither going too deep and hard, nor too soft. Make the strokes long and continuous. Always scrape in the same direction – never scrape downwards and then draw back upwards on the same spot. Each stroke should be performed between 10 and 30 times before proceeding to the next area.Once you’re done in one area you can cover it up immediately with a towel to keep it warm.