Holiday Gift Guide 2018: The Best Tea Gift Sets

Tea time is a treasured ritual for many of us. Whether enjoying it in the morning, “British-style” as my son lovingly prefers his, or in the afternoon, tea time can really be any time of the day or year. During the holidays, though, it feels like those warms drinks, especially tea and coffee, take on a special place in our lives as we seek ways to unwind or relax. For your clients, friends and loved ones who appreciate their teas, here are 10 tea gift sets to share with them.  

The Vie Healing Tea Trio Gift Set ($70), available through Vie Healingwhich was founded by herbalist and acupuncturist Mona Dan, LAc., MTOM, includes Kualie (Happy), Paidu (Detox) and Huanhe (Calm) herbal blends that are organic and fair trade. Each blend is formulated to address specific health and wellness needs according to Chinese Traditional Medicine. The teas are intended to stimulate health and well-being, address underlying issues and allow for the self-care ritual of having tea to support wellness and encourage the body to nourish and heal.

mona dan