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Our mantra: Smile, Breathe, Release

At VIE HEALING, we offer a variety of services to help reignite your inner vitality and vibrancy. Our holistic healing treatments are personalized to fit your routines and lifestyle and are always performed with gentle care. Visit either our Beverly Hills or West Hollywood locations and try any of our one-on-one treatments.

Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture: 50 min session involving hair thin needles to balance and reset the nervous system.

Single session: $175 /  10 pack: $1500
*Insurance coverage and discounts may be available

Mini Acupuncture Reset Membership:   Get 4, 30-minute acupuncture reset sessions a month.

3-months minimum required / $225 per month

 Herbal Formulation:  Herbal consult to rejuvenate and nourish the core of imbalances. 


Nutrition Consult: Diet and food consultation with an eastern philosophy and approach.

Solo: $130

Auricular Acupuncture: Insertion of hair thin needles on the ears microsystem, to reinforce a shift in brain chemistry.

Solo: $60 (25 min)  /  Add on: +$20

24k Gold Ear Seeds: Placement of 24k gold ear seeds made of magnets on the ears microsystem to reinforce and shift physical balance

Solo: $40 (15 min)  /  Add on: +$15 / Add on with Insurance: +12

Moxa: Burning and usage of mugwort to reignite adrenal activity.

Solo: $85 / Add on: $30

Facial Rejuvenation series: Focuses on tightening the dermal layer of the skin providing an acupuncture face lift by increasing elastin and collagen through increased blood flow and supportive muscular care.

Solo: $225 / Full 10 pack series: $2000 (2x per week for 5 weeks)

Gua Sha: Gua Sha is a natural, alternative therapy that involves soft scraping of the skin with a massage tool to help improve blood circulation, boost immunity and reduce inflammation.

Solo: $75 / Add on: $40


Massage: All massages are custom to the clients necessity. 

50 min: $120  /  80 min: $150

Add ons: Crystal Recharge: +$10  /  Aromatherapy: +$10  /  Facial Jade Roller: +$10 / Hot Stone or Cold Stone: $30

Cupping: Application and movement of suction cupping to stimulate the blood flow for the reduction of pain, inflammation, illness and fatigue. 

Solo: $95  /  Add on: $50

Reiki: Bio-photon (light) emission conducted from one organic species to another. Balancing the disturbances in the body’s bio-energy field.

50 min: $150  /  30 min add on: +$75



All services done by Face Bar are separate from VIE HEALING,

VIE HEALING gift cards do not apply to Face Bar and all transactions are done separately.

Please contact Face Bar directly to book your appointments.

 Face Bar By: Tricia Dikes: Rejuvenation treatment focuses on hydrating and plumping the skin for an overall instant glow.

Signature Peel: Steam, Light Extractions, Exfoliation, Customized Acid Glow Pad, Cold Collagen Roller, Echo 2 Pure Oxygen Treatment, Peel

30 min: $99

Supercharged Peel: Steam, Light Extractions, Exfoliation, Customized Advanced Acid Glow Pad, Cold Collagen Roller, Echo 2 Pure Oxygen Treatment, Peel

30 min: $119

Glow on the Go:  Steam, Light Extractions, Hydrating/Plumping Mask, Cold Collagen Roller, Echo 2 Pure, Oxygen Treatment, Customized Acid Glow Pad, Repairing Moisturizer, Brightening Eye Complex, Tinted SPF-30 Sunscreen

45 min: $79

Add ons:

Chest & Neck Peel: $39

Glow Mask for Neck: $15